100 Most Incredible Travel Bloggers – World 2017

” Travelling is the only medicine that can heal a lost soul ”

Ever felt like you need to rediscover yourself and then bump into a gorgeous picture of a beach with the clearest blue water that you have ever seen in your whole life, or of sand dunes, which look perfect to watch a sunset from. Palsmaniaa brought together this list of some of the best travel bloggers in the world, who turned their love for travelling into a beautiful digital album just for you. They chased their dreams of diving into the gorgeous ocean and of visiting some of the most picturesque landscapes and made them a part of their daily lifestyle.

We have brought this series together to celebrate these wild souls who run on the fuel of passion and literally make the world their oyster and it gives us immense pleasure in releasing the much awaited series “100 Most Incredible Travel Bloggers in the World – 2017 Edition.”

Find out who these maestros are and reach out within your soul the willpower to make this happen!

The selection of the awe-inspiring travel bloggers was done by the editorial team. Some profiles were pre selected by invitation and for others, we (Palsmaniaa) had reached out to the lovely Travel Bloggers all over the world, with a chance to get selected in our series. The response we received was amazing, with over 4000 outstanding travel bloggers willing to sign-up for the series.However only the Incredible 100 could make it to our complete list, considering the content and the quality of their travel blogs. We feel honoured and take pride in having them on board with us and getting associated with the best Travel Bloggers in the world.

Also, We did a survey on top favorite travel destinations of the bloggers and the results were

1. Maldives, 2. Paris, 3. Greece and 4. Rajasthan (INDIA)

Let’s start and take a look at the “100 MOST INCREDIBLE TRAVEL BLOGGERS IN THE WORLD – 2017 ”


Pilot Madeleine is a New York based stunning travel blogger and globetrotter. Having completed a large number of worldwide tours, the blogger regards Hawaii, Maldives and Bora Bora as her most favorite travel destinations. Pilot Madeleine has always opted for the best resorts that completely overwhelm a traveller. Four Seasons Bora Bora, Niyama Private Island, and Six Senses Laamu are her favorite among all of the hotels she has visited. Madeline is now planning to visit the Bahamas and would enjoy the Caribbean shores as well.

Living the Moroccan Dream ?✨ here in Marrakech ??

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Umit Yoruk is a well-known luxury travel blogger and photographer. Umit is widely recognized for his lavish global tours and high-life photography. Cappadocia is Umit Yoruk’s  favorite travel destination, where the blogger has been seen photographing and enjoying for extensive periods. Grand Hyatt is Umit’s choice for accommodation during his travels. Umit’s next stop is Greece, where he is expected to land in May 2018.

Who wants to swim here? ? this is my fave spot

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Helen Janneson Bense is one of Australia’s well-known travel sensations. Some of her most pleasantly amazing travel experiences are associated with the beautiful Maldives Islands. Helen loves Maldives for the boundless environment it bestows upon the tourists that visit the beautiful Nation.

After concluding her unparalleled experience in Maldives Islands, the blogger has set her eyes on a small island called Mallacoota. Located on the eastern Victorian coastline of Australia, the island is home to Helen’s family, who own a remote bush property overlooking the ocean.

The Finnish descent blogger loves staying at the Kanuhura hotel. Kanuhura is well-known for its amazingly beautiful experience and an authentic feel to every part of the establishment.


Veronique Yang loves the beauty of Switzerland and Italy. Known to roam around the most famous and beautiful global travel destinations, she is an amazing travel influencer. Veronique has a very busy and exciting travel calendar plan ahead. She is scheduled to visit the Maldives in December, Switzerland in January, and Norway in February 2018. When asked about her favorite resort, Veronique Yang instantly replied with “Kamandalu in Ubud, Indonesia.”


ELLIE BULLEN is a food enthusiast, with local food specialties being the primary reasons for her worldwide tours. Ellie has gained global fame among the vegetarian community of the world, through her slogan, “Eat More Plants.” Tahiti, Turkey, and Philippines are her favorite travel destinations. Ellie is all set to visit NYC for her first ever White Christmas, from where she plans to visit the Bahamas in the early section of 2018.

Sultan cave suites in Cappadocia, St Regis in Bora Bora, and Joshua Tree Acres are her most favorite resorts till date.


Keira’s profile states her to be a Nutrition Coach, Foodie and everything in between. The blogger has loved and enjoyed the most on her travels to Japan, Maldives, and Spain. Keira is now planning to head for South Africa, Morocco and Austria in the upcoming year. So, watch out for new and exciting posts on her Instagram profile.

So honored to have worked with @reebokau and be apart of the #PerfectNever movement. Coming together with some seriously talented ladies from across the globe to join together as #ReebokWomen and share with not only each other, but to all, our journeys. Learning to embrace what we have been given in life and to be proud of our imperfections was the topic that we kept on coming back to. What really is “perfect” for me there is no definition. The light and love that you provide to yourself and others is what matters to me. Good health and positive energy is what it important to me (but it might not to you) You make your own destiny, no one else. Check out my IG story for a sneak peak of my #PerfectNever story <3 #PefectNever #ReebokWomen #WMaldives #ReebokPartner #HealthyIsHappy

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Neyu Ma is a yoga enthusiast with a profound love for travelling. She has already travelled to Indonesia and was eternally enchanted by the beauty of the land. Her next expected schedule is a complete tour of all of the Hawaiian Islands. Neyu Ma has always adored the Nihiwatu hotel in Sumba. She always brings exciting pictures to the newsfeed of her audience.


Putri Anindya, widely known by her nickname Puan regards Wanaka, New Zealand as her favorite travel spot. The blogger explored the towering glaciers and plains of the country from her aerial ride when she visited the country in 2016. Sumba in Indonesia and Paris in France are Puan’s second and third most favorite travel destinations. Putri Anindya is all set to revive her plans of visiting Tuscany.
Four seasons in Paris and Mandapa Reserve by Ritz Carlton in Bali are her favorite hotels to this date.


Marta Carriedo is a renowned content creator and Tv host based in LA, California. Although she enjoyed almost all of her tours, LA, Maldives, and Costa Rica are her all-time favorites. Being an LA-local, the blogger has added affection to the city and its culture.  Marta is currently planning to visit and explore the beautiful destinations of Iceland and Philippines.


Christina Tan is a very beautiful globetrotter and also she is the social ambassador of a very popular travel magazine. Her favorite travel destinations are Italy, Switzerland, and Santorini and Mykonos in Greece.
Christina has a very busy and exciting travel calendar planned ahead. She will visit Switzerland and Turkey in Dec 2017, China in January 2018, and Maldives in March 2018.
The One and Only Palmilla, Los Cabos in  Mexico, the JK Place in Firenze, and the SoHo House in Barcelona are her favorite hotels.

Blue is the new black ?? #sassychris1morocco In frame: @quebick . .

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Nastasia Yakoub, the founder of Dame traveler likes to inspire and empower women to travel more. She works with the motto of inspiring women all around the world to do more and explore the world. The blogger holds great affection for Paris. Having visited Paris 7 times and counting, she never gets bored of what this historical city has to offer. Beirut, Dubai, Namibia, South Africa and Antarctica are the current entries in her list of 2018 travel calendar. Shangri-La in Paris, Le Serinus in Positano and Palacio Duhau – Park Hyatt in Buenos Aires are dame traveler’s favorite resorts, due to their exceptional service and care.

Here’s to the women whose lives are not love stories. To the girls who grew up measuring success based on what they achieved for themselves – what they worked through, what they accomplished and what they did not let diminish them along the way. Here’s to the women who grew up wanting more. More independence, more knowledge and more opportunity than they were ever expected to achieve. To the women who were taught to be quiet but found voices. To the women who were told to be chaste but chose passion. To the women who were taught to sit down and keep quiet but who chose instead to stand up and fight. Here’s to the women who never cared much for the fairy-tales that they were read. To the women who rejected the scripts that they were given and went on to write their own. Here’s to the girls who grew up with dirty hands and skinned knees. Who wanted to experience the world first-hand and full-force, with no hidden intention or ambition of appearing desirable to somebody else. Here’s to the women who’ve been lonely. Who’ve felt the downfall and struggle of entertaining a life that is not focused on love – who’ve watched friends settle down, partners move on and life progress without them because their goals didn’t line up with everyone else’s plans. To the women who have felt the full weight of their choices and kept choosing them anyway – because they knew the kind of life that they wanted and they weren’t afraid to live it out fully. Here’s to the women who fought to become their own saviors, their own heroes, the fierce protagonists of their own triumphant stories. Here’s to the damsels who pulled themselves out of distress and to the heroines who didn’t wait around to be saved. Here’s to the women who know that in the story of their lives, they’re the ones holding the pen. Words​: @heidipriebe via @thoughtcatalog ✨? Photo collab w/ @katie.one at the beautiful @plaza_athenee #dametraveler #nastasiainparis @nastasiaspassport #dametravelerparis

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Sylvia Matzkowiak loves to travel and explore the world, her favorite destinations are  Maldives, Australia, and Greece. The beautiful color and aesthetic lifestyles of these countries inspire her the most. Sylvia plans to visit the Maldives once again in January 2018. Singapore is next on her list, where she is expected to land in February 2018. The blogger has a special place in her heart for the Maafushivaru hotel, mainly because of the kind attitude of its owners and the homelike feeling bestowed by this amazing establishment.


Santoshi Shetty is an Incredible Indian travel blogger. She loves to spend most of the time in travelling and experiencing new places; she is also an amazing fashion and lifestyle blogger. Her favourite destinations is Los Angeles, hands down! The city spells freedom, and that is seen on every street, person, and place. Everything from the way the sun shines to the new places that open or the way it’s structured and yes The Line hotel in Los Angeles, these are the things she loves about Los Angeles. She has completed a large number of tours and now planning to travel Europe next with Contiki. She is also scheduling her trip to Berlin, Prague, and Vienna. She feels that “European winters are something everyone should experience!”


Tridha Choudhury is an Indian influencer, actress and explorer. Florence in Italy, Paris in France, and Egypt in Africa are her favorite travel destinations. Tridha is truly impressed by the environment at
The Intercontinental hotel in  Bali and The Palazzo Hotel in Montecasino, South Africa. Tridha has planned to visit Maldives and Phi Phi islands, in the upcoming year.

My very own ‘Blue Lagoon’ moment?………. A stranded beach with secret coves and grains of sand that feel like ivory dust. The pearlescent water that invites you for a heavenly swim and calms your senses to another level. This was my ‘Blue Lagoon’. A place that is beautiful to explore and an experience that makes you want to stay stranded forever… @thebaliguideline ? #travelwithtridha #balibucketlist #baliholiday #balibeach #travelersnotebook #travelblogger #travelphotography #travellife #influencer #influencermarketing #influencerstyle #influencerdigital #influencerlife #travelmore #traveltheworld #travelgram #travelguide #beachlife #beachbum #beachvibes #beachday #goprohero5 #goprophotography #gopro #stylediary #instastyle #ShowYourVogueIndia #natgeotravelpic #natgeotravel #natgeoindia

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Simone is a German blogger, she adores the beautiful travel destination of Bali. Los Angeles is her second most favorite destination. Beautiful memories of the city’s exceptional visit are still fresh in her memories, where she touched down in LAX (Los Angeles International Airport) with her fiancé. The German globetrotter is deeply impressed by the accommodation and hospitality provided by The Four Seasons during all of her stays. Simone is currently prepping for a Christmas and New Year Eve’s trip to Miami. She is also optimistic about fulfilling the dream of swimming with the pigs when she visits the Bahamas in the next year.


Hailing from Los Angeles, Michelle is a professional content creator and travel blogger. She absolutely loves travelling and clicking pictures in Maldives, Seychelles, Greenland, and Iceland. Michelle recommends Cheval Blanc in Randheli, Ritz Carlton in Hong Kong, and SnowHotel in Kirkenes, through her extensive experience staying at these hotels and resorts. The blogger’s 2018 plans include visits to Hong Kong, Bali, Maldives, and Morocco.


Shivi Tandon and Srishti Agarwal are incredible travel blogging duet on our list. The two travel companions absolutely adore New Zealand, West Coast, and Dubai. Venetian, Macau, Kalima Resort, Phuket, and LLOYDS INN, Singapore are their favorite accommodations till date. Being inspired by their cultures and travel spots, the aspiring ladies are all set to visit Japan, Netherlands, and Maldives in 2018.


Vᴀʟᴇɴᴛɪɴᴀ Mᴀʀᴢᴜʟʟᴏ never falls short of being an amazing digital babe. Los Angeles and Paris are her favorite travel destinations. Valentina particularly enjoyed her stays at the Royal Palm Hotel in Marrakech and the Bill & Coo Hotel in Mykonos. The blogger cannot wait to fulfill her plans of visiting Thailand in March, next year.

When the journey is the destination?

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Riya Jain personally adores New York, London, and Paris among the list of countries she has travelled to. Riya still remembers her exceptional experience while staying at Atlantis, The Palm, DUBAI during her visit.


Claudia has a thing for exploring and staying at the world’s most luxurious hotels.St Barth, Maldives and Finland hold a special place in the blogger’s heart, mainly due to their unique memories she has of her visits. Claudia holds admiration for St Regis Vommuli, Le Barthelemy hotel in St Bart, and Al Wadi Desert Resort in the UAE. The blogger is scheduled to visit Jamaica and Mexico, as an extension of their current tour.


Janine Jahnke is a Munich based Fashion and travel blogger. Cape Town, Bali, and Greece are among her favorite travel destinations. With all good thoughts and amazing experiences at the Royal Mirage in Dubai, The Bale in Bali and the Zaya Nurai Island in Abu Dhabi, Janine recommends these resorts to anyone traveling to their respective countries. Her 2018 schedule includes visits to South America, Australia,, and LA.

Sunny winter days ☀️ Wearing @kaptenandson sunnies & watch ? #bekapten

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Festy is a fashion and travel blogger based in Budapest. She is fluent in English and German. Festy believes that don’t be a tourist be a traveler. Festy’s favourite travel destinations are Seoul, Cuba and New York which she has already visited. She hasn’t been everywhere, but it’s on her list, and now she wishes to travel to Marrakesh to enjoy this wintery December in western Morocco, which is a major economic center and home to mosques, palaces, and gardens.

Julia Zanewskaya has visited over 30 European countries, as a travel blogger. Currently staying in France, Julia has planned to revisit Italy, Thailand, Greece, and Egypt. She loves Italy because of Venice, Rome, Milan,Pisa and Florence being her most favorite places.

Anna Laura is a renowned traveller. Hawaii and Philippines have always been on the top of her most favourite list because of the tropical vibe of islands, the typical culture, the colorful fruits and of course the shadows of blue. Ilha de Boipeba, in Brazil! is the next destination in her travel schedule. Anna personally likes and truly recommends the La Sultana and BE hotels in Marrakech

MARINA COMES has always enjoyed her African tours the most during all of her global tours. MARINA has a very busy end-of-the-year schedule. She has planned to visit Columbia, Dubai, Prague and Florence in 2017, with the 2018 travel plans already in motion.
Her favourite hotels are:
1. City Hotel: The Dolder Grand in Zurich, Switzerland,
2. Gili Lankanfushi Beach resort in Maldives and
3. The African Lodge Makumu Game Reserve in South Africa

Good morning guys! I’m going to Andalusia in a few hours✈️ to attend a forum for Spanish travel bloggers but first, let me share a photo of this amazing natural arch I found in Mallorca last week?…did you see the video of this place on my Stories when I posted it?? ___________________________ Stay tuned these days on Stories because I’m going to show you all the activities they have prepared for us???? ___________________________ #beautifuldestinations #vacations #luxuryworldtraveler #luxurylifestyle #condenast #forbestravelguide #bosslife #forbes #europe_vacations #cosmopolitan #girlswhoexplore #tlpicks #destinosimperdiveis #americanstyle #guardiantravelsnaps #widenyourworld #travelnoire #awakethesoul #ig_europe #watchthisinstagood #travelgirl #youmustsee #dametraveler #wearetravelgirls #sheisnotlost #beautifulmatters #visitspain #hallazgosemanal #igersspain #mallorca

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Franceso Innocenti quit his corporate life of working in a law firm and set upon a journey of exploring the world. Japan, Jordan, and California are his all-time favourites, with amazing memories and interactions that the blogger experienced during his stays there. The Ritz-Carlton in Koyoto, the Belmond hotel in Ravello, and the La Mamounia in Marrakech are his favourite hotels and resorts till date. Francesco has planned to visit Zurich, Paris in December 2017. Hong Kong is also on the charts of his next scheduled trips for 2018.

Jessica Lemaitre is in love with Positano, Hallstatt and Colmar, located respectively in Italy, Austria, and France. The travel enthusiast plans to visit France and Maldives as her current tour reaches its completion phase. Le Sirenuse in Positano, Hotel Bucca di Bacco in Italy and the Hotel Arctic Tree House in Finland are her most favourite hotels.

Aayushi Bangur is a 26 years old travel and lifestyle blogger. She travelled places like Dubai and London etc. According to her Dubai is One of the most coveted places to visit, she got the chance to visit Dubai with Emirates, and she enjoyed a lot. She also took a trip of 2 weeks to one of the biggest nations in Europe and following quite a while of arranging, it ended up being an inconceivable ordeal worth sharing! She toyed with the possibility of either zooming through various nations by going to only one city or two in each or rather remaining for 15 days in one nation, grasping its way of life, outlooks and glutting on the delightful nourishment.

Shalini Chopra is an impeccable travel and lifestyle blogger from India.
NewYork, Dubai, and Taiwan are her most favourite travel destinations. Shalini is excited for her trip to London. There is no better way to end your year by roaming the streets and historical spots of the great city of London. Atlantis, The Palm hotel in Dubai is her most favourite, when it comes to travel accommodations.

Andre travels for adventure, fun and meeting others who love to travel. He has always been in love with exploring and travelling. It helps him to be more satisfied with who he is. Travel is his part, travel defines him.There’s something about not recognizing what you will find sooner rather than later that is exhilarating. I go to move myself, to comprehend the world better, to feel meet new individuals.

My winter dream came true ?❤️?? – thanks for having me @hilton_frankfurt_city_centre – Mal ein Realtalk auf deutsch: Dieses Jahr war für mich eins der aufregendsten Jahre die ich bisher erlebt habe..ich bin so viel gereist und habe so viele Erfahrungen in kurzer Zeit sammeln können…oftmals hab ich mich gefragt wann ich endlich aufwache, weil das definitiv ein Traum von mir war. Ich spreche jetzt aus tiefstem Herzen; all das war unglaublich schön, aber teilweise habe ich mich selber darin verloren…ich habe gelebt aber mich nach anderen Dingen gesehnt. Obwohl ich allen Grund dazu hatte glücklich zu sein, war ich es zu selten. Ich war viel in der Sonne, viel am Meer und konnte mir vieles verwirklichen auf das ich all die Jahre hingearbeitet habe…aber letztendlich habe ich mich immer nach anderen Dingen gesehnt. Um ehrlich zu sein, bin ich echt froh mal wieder hier in Deutschland zu sein..ich schätze alles viel mehr als vorher, ich fühle mich hier „Zuhause“. Manchmal sucht man nach etwas in der weiten Welt und kommt dann Heim und realisiert das es in einem selber steckt und man findet es „Zuhause“. Ich habe es noch nicht gefunden aber ich habe gelernt, dass ich es in mir selber finden werde. Eines Tages. Social Media ist ein Segen und ein Fluch zugleich…es sieht alles so perfekt aus und doch ist es eig niemand. Ich habe da auch mit Vorurteilen zu kämpfen: Nein ich bin nicht perfekt, auch ich hab meine gestörten Seiten, ich bin natürlich nicht immer so positiv (worauf ich hinarbeite) und lieb wie ich in meinen Stories vielleicht rüber komme. Aber ich bin ich und dieses „ich“ hat eine Seele und die ist hier auf der Erde um an Erfahrungen zu wachsen und sich stetig zu „entwickeln“. Ich möchte aber bei allem was ich mache ICH sein und mit allen Macken die ich habe dahinter stehen können. Jeder von uns hat eine einzigartige Persönlichkeit und es wird immer Menschen geben die diese verstehen und wertschätzen. Das wünsche ich jedem von uns und vielleicht hat dieser Text hier dem ein oder anderen Mut machen können zu sich selber zu stehen und einfach zu leben. Und wenn ihr dann doch mal an Euch zweifelt, denkt einfach an mich.. den Typ mit den vielen Macken. ???

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Shereen is one of the most ecstatic travel and lifestyle blogger. She loved exploring the beautiful country of New Zealand and holds a special affection for the Kiwi Nation. She is planning to end her year with an exciting visit to Philippines.

“I’M NOT LOST, I’M EXPLORING” says Marta Gaska the travel blogger hailing from Poland. Currently living in Germany, Marta regards Morocco, Norway, and India as her most favourite travel destinations. Le Sirenuse and Belmond are her preferred choices during her stay in Portofino. Trips to Austria, Jordan, and Philippines are already scheduled in Marta Gaska’s 2018 calendar.

Alex is a Luxury travel and lifestyle blogger. He has been to many beautiful places and soon planning to visit Thailand, Bali, and Hawai. He loves to travel and explore the new places to make himself happy. He uses travelling as his gasoline to fuel his inspiration. In short, He will travel as much as He can for as long as He can.

Donato and Giulia are one of the most amazing luxury travel and lifestyle influencer. The couple loves Maldives, Dubai, And Bali as their favourite travel destinations. Currently undertaking a trip between Cambodia and Vietnam, Donato and Giulia are scheduled to come together during their Paris trip in February 2018. Ayada Resort Maldives, The Chedi Club, Ubud, and the Fusion Maia Da Nang top the couple’s list of recommended hotels.

Mitali and Summiyya is another inspiring travel duet in our list. Paris, Seychelles and Croatia are among their favourite travel destinations. Mitali and Summiya are prepping up for their next wildlife trip to Tadoba, Nashik in India. The travel bloggers particularly enjoyed their stays at the Constance Ephelia in Seychelles, Four Seasons, Mauritius, and George V hotel in Paris.


Merel van Poorten is a fashion, beauty, jewelry and travel blogger. She has visited so many beautiful places for her blogs. She travels because she feels there’s plenty more out there than one little corner can show you. She travels to see the different stuff, the beautiful places, and the weird adventures few others know to look for. She travels to see what’s out there, be it easy to find or damn near impossible. She travels because She can’t see living her life any other way. She travels because it’s become a lifelong passion.

Flashback to hanging out at the most beautiful spot on Oahu ?Hawaii, I miss you!

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Tom is a Dutch travel blogger, exploring countries since 2012. Till date, the aspiring blogger has visited over 85 countries, with no plans of stopping anytime soon. New Zeland is his favourite travel destination, mainly because of the beautiful combination of beaches and mountains, this country provides to its tourists. Tom is expected to go on an extensive overland trip from Europe to Asia, ending up at his dream travel destination, i:e Pakistan. Tom had an exceptional experience with Lux South Air Atoll in Maldives, during his stay in the country.

Akanksha Redhu absolutely loved her long stays at Bali, Edinburg, and Luss during her career aa a travel blogger. Akanksha has no confirmed plans, but she is really considering the idea of doing Oktoberfest in 2018. Suryagarh in Jaisalmer is her favourite hotel destination.

The Palawan in Philippines, Maldives, and Tokyo, Japan are Kimi Juan’s most favourite travel destinations. Kimi is a budding travel blogger, having an established fanbase of 12,5000 Instagram followers. Kimi’s fans can expect stunning snaps and stories from his already planned Vietnam tour in 2018.

Selena and Jacob are the second couple entry in our list. They “Left L.A For The World” and have never looked back. Greece and Slovenia are the couple’s most favourite travel destinations. Selena and Jacob have planned to pay a visit to Christmas Markets in Germany during December 2017. From there, the couple will pick up their plans of winter destinations in the beautiful countries of Finland and Austria.

• we may have left Budapest, but my mind is ??

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Claire regards Seychelles as the most stunning and underrated beauty of the African continent. Dubai and Iceland are the travel blogger’s second and third most favourite destinations. Claire is currently planning to take an end-of-the-year trip to Tokyo, Japan. Aria Las Vegas is the blogger’s all-time favourite, in terms of facilities and amazing accommodation provided by the company.

Lynn Canyon Hike in Vancouver. ? #avenlylanetravel #canada

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LAUREN PARKS. ✧ forever grateful. ✧ saved by grace.

Lauren is a travel blogger in the midst of a never-ending love affair with world travel. She has explored a lot of wonderful places including Amalfi Coast-Italy where she fell in love with the local shopping boutiques, stylish little cars, and colorful houses and believed that amazing cliffs views of Italian Coast made this place a dream. Banff Canada is also one of her loved places. She went there during the winter time to explore the wintery winds in the high mountain peaks and to dream in colors borrowed from frozen lakes and enjoyed the road trip through Banff National Park. Along with these, she loves adventure, and this is the reason that her favourite part was the road bikes when she visited Amsterdam Netherlands and now planning to visit Rocky Mountains, Colorado to fulfill her thirst for adventures.

be unshakeable, in the way of truth, love, & grace.

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Niki Mehra is another well-known Indian travel blogger with a lovely Instagram feed. New York, Paris, and Phuket are most favorite travel destinations. Niki is all set to explore London, from where she will head to Dubai for some beach fun.

Michelle Karam is a well-known philanthropist and the creator of “travel with TJD Miniseries”. Kenya, Maldives, and Finland are her favorite travel destinations. Michelle was currently exploring the Maldives, with plans of visiting Beirut, Lebanon for Christmas. Greenland and Columbia are on her bucket list for the next year. Ritz Carlton in Vienna, Memmo hotel in Sagres, and Seger Retreat in Kenya are the travel blogger’s most favorite hotels.

A wish you were here kind of moment ? @discoversoneva

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Alexandra Kryaneva is a travel and lifestyle blogger from Dortmund, Germany. Namibia, Norway and New Zeeland tops the list of her most favorite travel destinations. Alexandra recently concluded a 2 months trip to Austrailia and New Zealand. City trips to Germany and Russia are in her bucket list for 2018. The travel blogger is not a fan of hotels stays and usually book through b&b’s. A stay with a very caring family in Rio De Janeiro is still fresh in her memory. Website: www.shurupchik.com

Natasha Shrotri is fashion and beauty blogger based in Pune, India. Trips to Rio de Janeiro, Cape Town and Dubai are favorites among the list of her global tours. The followers of Natasha Shrotri can expect some exciting posts from the bloggers Cambodia travels in 2018.

Sigrid states herself as “a girl with a strong desire to travel the world”. Sumatra, Nepal, and Europe are her most favorite travel destinations. Sigrid is currently preparing for a 3-month trip to Central America. The Garden Inn in Bukit Lawang, Sumatra is her all-time favorite in terms of accommodations.

Fiorella Bertola is a Florida-based, budget travel enthusiast. She brings amazingly affordable and comfortable flight deals for her followers. Fiorella has a very diverse choice when it comes to favorite travel destinations. Uruguay is her choice for December holidays. Whereas the blogger likes to spend her January in Tulum, Mexico. February holidays of Fiorella Bertola are likely to be spent in London, Paris and Rome.
The Chillhouse in Bali, Indonesia and Hatchet Caye Resort in Hatchet Caye, Belize are her favorite resorts to date.

Hannah and Nick are a travelling couple, with a profound love for film making and photography. Their three favorite travel destinations are SriLanka, Vietnam, and Bali in Indonesia. With an already viral Instagram profile, the couple has trips planned to Mauritius, Nicaragua, and Java in Indonesia.
Munduk Moding Plantation, Bali, Indonesia, Sultan Cave Suite, Turkey, and BeMarrakech in Morocco are among the couple’s list of favorite hotels.

Haley is a luxury travel blogger from Austin, TX. One of her favorite destinations on the planet is Scotland. The blogger studied abroad in Glasgow for a semester during college and was completely mesmerized by the beauty of the land.
Haley is very excited for her trip to the Galapagos in January. From there, she will head to Iceland in February.
Our adventure loving lifestyle blogger has a soft spot for the Four Seasons Hualalai in Hawaii. All of her favorite sunset shots have been taken there during the two times she visited the place. Shangri-La Paris is another one of Haley’s favorite. She claims that you just can’t get a better view of the Eiffel Tower from your room.


The Jet Setter diaries is an astounding travel blog by Asdghik Melkonian, focused on luxury and adventure trips shoots. Bali is the most favorite travel destination of the blogger. She regards it as one of the most magical islands in the world. The blogger labels Maldives as the definition of true paradise. For her, being in the Maldives is like living in a postcard. The crystal clear waters and the stunning islands take one’s breath away .
Ireland is third in the blogger’s list of most favorite travel destinations. Throughout her visit, she liked being surrounded by spectacular green landscapes. The blogger has Thailand, South Africa and Peru planned for her February, April, and June trips. Shangri-La’s Villingili Resort in Maldives, The Chedi Club in Bali, and W – Taipei are her favorite hotels.

Alexandra Maly is a travel and lifestyle blogger. Philippines, Portugal and NYC are her favorite travel destinations in the whole world. Alex has already planned a tour of Thailand, Borneo and Sri Lanka, starting from Dec 2017 and ending in Feb 2018. Two Seasons Coron Island Philippines, Templation Siem Reap Cambodia, and 25hours Hotel Hamburg in Hafen City are Alexandra’s favorite accommodation spots.

Hawaii is Meryl’s favorite travel destination, because of the spirit this wonderful island has and the history assocaited with the Nation. Meryl has planned a trip to the Maldives in January for her birthday. She calls herself an ocean-girl and is very excited to do snorkeling and swimming with the sharks.
The blogger loved her stay at the Kamandalu Resort in Bali. The resort is located in the middle of a jungle in Ubud. Meryl expressed that she loved the feeling of waking up in peace with the nature, watching the sun rise over the wild palm trees.

Katerina Stavreva always follows her heart for travelling. Coron Island in the Philippines and the historic city of Tulum in Mexico. Katerina has already planned a trip to Panama, the Bahamas and Cuba for her 2018 travel calendar. Stay tuned for some exciting shoots and stories about the blogger’s tours of these amazing cities.
Nomade in Tulum, Iberostar in Punta Cana and Padma in Ubud are her favorite resorts.

Hailing from New York, Alexandra Baackes has been exploring the world as a travel writer, since 2011. Her favorite travel destinations are the tourist hubs of Singapore and Thailand.
Alexandra’s next big adventure is going to be the Middle East where she will be exploring Israel, Jordan and Egypt.

Rachel is a lifestyle and travel blogger from San Francisco, Califronia. Santorini, Paris, and Halong Bay are among her most favorite travel destinations.
She is currently planning a trip to Kaui in the early 2018. Additionally, Bora Bora and Maldives are also on her list for the upcoming year.
Rachel’s favorite and most recommended hotels are Canaves Oia luxury resort, and Ritz Carlton in the Central Park.

Sanya is a travel influencer, fashion blogger and a well-known brand ambassador. Her favorite travel destinations are Mexico, Mykonos and Tuscany. Mexico holds a special place in her heart, as Sanya got engaged during her visit there. The blogger is currently planning to spend her December in Slovenia, beginning of 2018 in Finland to see the Northern Lights, and a tour of Maldives in later part of 2018. The Cavo Tagoo in Mykonos, La Bagnaia by Hilton in Tuscany and Kin Sol Soleil in Mexico are her favorites hotels.

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AdY is a travel blogger, founder and editor in chief of VerbalGoldBlog.com. Her stay at the Coco Plum Private Island Resort in Belize is her all-time favorite. The blogger was also mesmerized by the beauty of Eze, France, Edinburgh, and Scotland.
AdY will be visiting Bali or the Maldives in early January and California, Vegas, and Utah in February.From there, she will head to South Africa to visit Cape Town in the March of 2018!
The travel blogger states that she had a very good experience at The Plaza in New York and The Shangri La in Paris. The Jumeirah in London also made a place in her favorite’s list due to their remarkable service.

Tracy is a well-known travel blogger and the founder of Pangea Dreams. Bali in Indonesia, Barcelona in Spain, and India are her most favorite travel destinations.
The blogger’s 2018 travel calendar includes entries from Siem Reap, Cambodia, Bali, Indonesia, and Sri Lanka.
She has a very simple and elegant choice when it comes to hotels and resorts. The Maderas Village in Nicaragua and the Kamandalu in Bali really caught her eye, after an amazing time spent there.


Nina Ragusa is a workign traveler, with over 6 years in the field. Her favorite travel destinations are Thailand, Portugal and Iceland. Thailand is very close to the blogger’s heart as she spent nearly four years while traveling around the SE Asia.
Portugal is another one of her favorites as she has spent some time in the Algarve and absolutely loved her experience with the place.
Nina Ragusa’s third most favorite travel destination is Iceland. For her, Iceland is like a fantasy come true. The blogger expressed that she has never seen such pristine beauty in her whole life. Moreover, the peacefulness in the country is unmatched.

Damn, Iceland. What can I even say about you!? You are a brutally beautiful place to explore. Your weather is psycho but the fall colors are the most vibrant I've seen. Your a volatile volcanic island but the black rock adds depth and mystery. Your terrain is so rugged and yet so incredibly fragile. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ You are drop.dead.fucking.gorgeous. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ You gouged my pockets but I can't wait to go back. Seriously, I can't find any more words for you but that's where pictures come in… Seriously, if you're planning on visiting Iceland, I'm churning out some of the more informative blog posts you'll find. The first one is already up! (totally fine if you only click for pictures… I don't think I've ever put so many pics in a blog before! lol) ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ➡️ CLICK THE LINK IN THE BIO ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ It's a 7-day itinerary for the West Coast (you're not getting ANOTHER "ring road" or "golden circle" post here!) ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ? @Canonusa @thetravelhuman ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ?ICELAND ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #traveltheworld #travelblogger #femaletravelbloggers #travelstoke #traveldeeper #travelerslife #liveabroad #gogetlife #goabroad #adventurer #natgeo #iceland #visiticeland #icelandblog #traveliceland #ihearticeland #newblogpost #teamcanon #canon_photography

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Ajmira Shaikh is on a permanent vacation, with a mission to explore the world. Having already visited 13 countries till now. Dubai, Rawa Island in Malaysia, and Nainital are her msot favorite destinations among the all the 13 countries she has visited. Ajmira hopes to explore Pushkar and Hampi before the end of 2017.

Lizzie and Dave are Manchester based travelling couple. Their favorite destinations are Las Vegas, Prague, and Venice. The couple further explains their experience at each of the three destinations by fully expressing their thoughts on the environment and the scenery they witnessed there. Las Vegas is the most favorite for the reason that they just got married there around a month ago. Then comes Prague. The couple describes their time there was like walking around in a fairy tale. This brings us to the last but not the least of their favorite cities i.e. Venice. The couple fell in love with the city, because hands down, it is just so beautiful and majestic.
Shortly after the interview, the couple is scheduled to jet off to Hamburg to see the beautiful Christmas Markets. They also have other upcoming trips in the New Year to Cornwall in the UK and Lisbon!
Their favorite hotel stay was at Paris in Las Vegas. Lizzie and Dave stayed there for a week after their marriage.

Dan and Luiza are the founder of Travel Plus Style. The couple shares their experiences of stylish hotel stays and the lavish adventurous life they spend, going from one tourist heaven to the other.
Dan and Luiza’s favorite destinations are Maldives, Namibia, and Bali. The couple has been to the Maldives for over 5 times. The couple is thinking of landing next in Botswana, Bhutan, and Laos.
The Soneva Jani in the Maldives, Six Senses Zil Pasyon in the Seychelles, and Singita Sabora Tented Camp in Grumeti-Serengeti, Tanzania are their favorite hotels.

Sam is an exclusive Instagram star and content creator. Bali, India, and New Zealand are his most favorite travel destinations. Trips to Macau, Fukuoka, and Los Angeles are the next in Sam’s travelling schedule.
The blogger absolutely loved his stays at the Fogo Island Inn, Argos in Cappadocia, and The Legian Seminyak.

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All pics are owned by me © say hi … DM or ?TravelalittleLuxe@gmail.com #TravelalittleLuxe

Danielle is a passionate travel blogger and love the moments she has gone through. She has been to many places, but she found Maldives, Italy, and Greek as her dream places. About the Maldives, she has love for its pristine waters and archipelago of hundreds of picture-perfect little islands peppered like tiny dots in the Indian Ocean. There were jaw-dropping resorts that made her feel like she has arrived in heaven on earth. About Italy, she likes the lifestyle and infectious love of family, culture. She truly enjoyed the moments, from skiing in the Dolomites, cruising around the lakes or living la Dolce vita lifestyle seaside, on the Amalfi Coast. She loves Greek Islands for its long hot summers, deep azure waters, white washed villas and Bougainvillea lined cobblestone streets. Abundant seafood, fresh produce and endless glasses of local wine mean that you will never go hungry on your trip. With having so many beautiful memories, she is also planning for trips to other countries. Seychelles is on her radar for next year and of course another trip to the Maldives in March, Indonesia in May and Europe (possibly Italy or Croatia) in September. She is also hoping to tick the Palawan Islands in the Philippines.

Bonnie Rakhit, The Style Blogger’s most favorite destinations are Rajasthan, India, Havana in Cuba and Tulum in Mexico. The blogger states that each of these places have a common bohemian spirit, vibrant colourful back drops for Instagram shoots, and so much culture and heritage.
The blogger will be spending her Christmas in Vietnam and Cambodia. Her travel schedule for next year is already filling up with entries from all over the world. However, the travel enthusiast is particularly excited about her visits to Peru, Coachella, India and Beijing.
The Style Blogger absolutely fell in love with the clean chic architecture and impeccable service at The Grace, Santorini. For luxe eco style, her choice is Azulik Tulum, which is a spectacular sculptural feat built out of drift wood.
Additionally, for history, heritage and romance she loves Oberoi Udaivilas in Udaipur, India.


Louis is a 24 years old traveler and influencer. He is from Melbourne Australia. He was currently in Turkey, and planning next to visit Germany and Asian countries including Philippines, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, China, Thailand, and India, etc. He discovered his passion for travelling in 2012. Now he has explored many places. He ideally wants to turn his life into a never-ending journey.

Dominika is a London based travel blogger. Her favorite European destination is Positano in Amalfi Coast. The place is simply unreal and the blogger loved everything about it!
Another place that made Dominika’s heart melt was Maldives. Maldives was her dream destination and she absolutely loved her stay there.
The blogger’s third most favorite travel destination is the magical Zanzibar. The place has an endless blue ocean, stunning beaches, delicious food and incredibly warm people
A visit to Aruba is the next in her travel calendar. Dominika also has plans of travelling to Madagascar, Mauritius and French Polynesia.
The most beautiful resort Dominika ever stayed in was the Tulia Zanzibar Beach Resort and its gorgeous ocean view villas. Her second favourite is Malahini Kuda Bandos in Maldives.

?Big news ? I can't describe how happy I am while writing this post for you! Yesterday was a big day for me! For those who've missed the Instastories ( with my shaking voice!) – I have finally launched my blog! Yes, finally! It took me ages but I've set myself a goal to build it all from the scratch on my own! And I did??! So happy I am finally able to share with you a little more than just pretty photographs. I hope you'll get to know me better and who knows, maybe we can travel together one day? Also I wanted to thank you for all your sweet messages, tagging me on Instastories- all these things mean so much to me and even made me cry last night??? It's incredible to have such an amazing support from people all over the world! I can't thank you enough!??? Here's to the new beginning??http://theblondeflamingo.com/ #TheBlondeFlamingo #TheBlondeFlamingoBlog #travelersnotebook #travelwithme #blogging #maldives #travelblog #blogger #influencer

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Sonam Lakhani is a Mumbai local, fulfilling her dreams of exploring the world. Out of all the countries she has traveled to, Iceland, Finland and Spain top her list.
Although all of her trips are impromptu, the blogger is hopeful that something will come up in the month of December.
Sonam loved her stay at the Six Senses Zil Pasyon Seychelles, Conrad Maldives and Savoy Florence.


FILIPPO CESARINI is currently sailing San Blas Islands to explore the beauty of the very beautiful place. The blogger recently fulfilled his dream of visiting the Bora Bora Island. He loves to travel with another tourist. He had a wonderful experience with @flynyon, while visting the New York City. He will be flying to Bali in the middle of December where he will stay for almost a month. Afterwards, Vietnam, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Maldives, China, Hong-Kong and Philippines are on his list. The blogger claims that the best hotels her ever stayed at are Le Meridien Bora Bora and the Marina bay Sands in Singapore.

Josephine truly had one of a kind experiences at Amanpulo, Philippines and Tetiaroa in French Polynesia
The travel blogger’s next stop will be New York. Josephine will be spending her first ever Christmas in the city, after she left it over 10 years ago. Amanpulo in the Philippines, Soneva Kiri in Thailand and Alila Jabal Akhdar in Oman are her favorite travel accommodations till date.

Nikki is a natural survivor and adventurer. She survived a brain tumor and has since then dedicated her life to travelling and exploring the world. Her three favorite travel destinations are Thailand, Portugal and the
Dominican Republic. Nikki is currently back in the Netherlands for her examination. In January, she is planning on visiting Egypt. Nikki has worked with and stayed at a lot of great luxury hotels and resorts but the Soneva Kiri in Koh Kood, Thailand is her absolute favorite.

Hailing from Warsaw, Jerry is a travel blogger with a deep love for photography. Normandy is jerry’s absolute favorite, due to its historical importance. Paris is Jerry’s second most favorite travel destination. Jerry says that it can never get enough of the beautiful city. Jerry has a few short trips planned in the next month. The first one is to Berlin, Germany. The second trip is to Kiev, Ukraine. Over the past 5 years the blogger has always been wanting to visit Chernobyl which is a couple of hours away from Kiev. Jerry loves visiting abandoned places, because they take you back in history and are amazing for photography.

Sri Lanka is Marco Coppola‘s most favorite travel destination so far. He is currently planning to visit Morocco again at the beginning of the new year. Maldives is also on the blogger’s list for 2018. He will spend Christmas holiday in London.
Marco loved his time at all of the Resorts he has ever been to, but the one he misses the most is the Fusion Nha Trang.

Valérie Florence is a 21 year old Swiss travel blogger. She remembers her last summer road trip in Sri Lanka full of excitement and adventure. Her trip to Cuba during Christmas and New Year was also very breathtaking.
As she will be studying hospitality management at EHL (École Hôtelière de Lausanne) in February 2018, the blogger has to take a break from long distance traveling. During her spring holidays, Valerie is expected to plan some spontaneous city trips around Europe. The blogger recently checked into the Ritz Carlton Al Wadi in Ras Al Khaimah and her experience there was beyond amazing. Another one of her favorite hotels is The Balé in Nusa Dua, Indonesia. It is a very modern and extravagant resort which gives you the right spirit and lets you feel like a V.I.P.

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Sam and Natalia is a sweet travel couple. They started travel blogging through Instagram in 2015 with an idea of sharing their trip highlights before their visit to New Zealand. Together, they have visited over 50 countries. Whenever they are not on the move, they are already planning their next trip. They were currently exploring Sri Lanka. They aim to inspire people to get out there and explore this amazing world.

Longboat rides to secluded beaches

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Shivya Nath is an Indian travel blogger known as the shooting star. She grew up in an Indian family, she completed her studies in Singapore and at the age of 23 in 2011 she quit her corporate job and planned to live a nomadic life to fulfill her dream of living her life as a world traveler. She has travelled solo, with friends and with groups also. The most amazing things about her is that she prefers public transport, avoid buying mineral water bottles, and tries to look for local experiences.

“Which island are you from?” she asked me curiously. She was 30, married, wrapped up in a red hijab, sitting under a palm tree, de-seeding wild almonds with a knife to sell at 5$ a kg. . . “I’m from India,” I said with a smile. I asked her about her island (Maalhos, the one we were both on now), the one where her husband ran a bakery and she’d move to soon, and other islands in the Maldives she had been to. . . We chatted about our lives a while, and just as I was leaving, she asked: “Which island in India are you from?” . . Living far out in the Indian Ocean, surrounded by water and sand everywhere, even I nearly forgot that there is a world where people don’t live on islands ? . . #theshootingstar #maldivesbeach #maldiveslife #islandlife #slowtravel

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The couple Charlie and Lauren recently fell in love with Sri Lanka where they extended their 3 week trip to 3 months. After concluding their Sri Lankan tour, the couple arrived in the Philippines which has completely blown them away with its scenic beauty. After their Philippines trip, the couple will head down to Bali and Indonesia. Then comes the Thailand to begin their Southeast Asia tour. “The couple on the run” has stayed in some beautiful places but their top picks are the Movenpick Hotel in Colombo, Sri Lanka and the Sedona Hotel in Yangon, Myanmar.


Laura absolutely loved her trip to the Maldives, Turkey and New York.
The blogger just came back from Istanbul and will be travelling to Bali or the Philippines in the beginning of 2018. Laura’s favorite hotels are the LUX* South Ari Atoll in the Maldives, the W Hotel in Bangkok and the Four Seasons in Istanbul Bosphorus.

Christina Vidal’s top three favourite destinations are 1. Rangiroa, French Polynesia for it’s otherworldly unspoiled tropical beauty 2.Ravello, Italy, for its unmatched romance and clifftop views of the Amalfi Coast, and 3. Bali, because it is the blogger’s home away from home, as she travels so much around the world.
Christina’s next big trip will be to Colombia, where she will spend three weeks exploring the country.
The Song Saa Private Island, the Ritz Paris, and the St. Regis Kauai are Christina Vidal’s most favorite hotels.

Rachelle Lucas has a passion for food and travelling. She has visited 50 plus countries. She balances food passion with running and yoga. She travels to feel alive, to find happiness and to eat. She is always willing and excited to try different cuisines. She believes that travel opens up our mind, our heart, and soul. She feels that we should go beyond the borders both geographically and mentally to free ourselves from pre-conceptions.

Vandana Yadav is an Indian travel blogger. Her all-time favourite destination is Agonda (South Goa). It is a very calm and secluded place with amazing food, friendly people and beautiful sunsets. This place has a really different vibe. Vandana’s second favourite is the Lombok island in Indonesia. The blogger really enjoyed exploring the beguiling, beach-blessed and blissful place.Vandana is preparing for visit to the Thailand in March 2018.
The blogger really liked the Hideout Lightroom in Bali. It is a very beautiful and unique bamboo house, set in nature, right next to a river stream. It’s a perfect place for adventurous travellers with lust for new experiences. Her second favourite is the Classic Malay Home in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. A very beautiful and cosy place where she was so overwhelmed by its interior. Last but not the least is the Karma Chalets, a luxurious property near Gurgaon away from all the hustle and bustle of city life.

Once you’ve traveled for the first time all you want to do is leave again. People call it travel bug, but it’s an effort to return to a place where you are surrounded by people who speak the same language as you. Not English or Spanish or Portuguese but that language where others know what it’s like to leave, change, grow, experience, learn . and then go home again and feel more lost in your hometown than you did in the most foreign place you visited. . This is the hardest part about traveling and it’s the very reason why we all run away again. . . . If I have to pick one place in India, it will be Goa always! Took this picture at Colva Beach, South Goa. It was so much fun kayaking in the backwaters here. I’ve been to Goa so many times and every time, it feels so good so new. The experience gets better and better. South Goa is my favourite. The Beaches there are so calm and secluded. Especially the Agonda Beach. The sunsets at Agonda are the best. ☀️ . What’s your favourite part of Goa? North or South? ?

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Catch52 is a London based, food and travel blogger. Her favourite travel destinations are Peru and The Canadian Rockies. She has just come back from 6 months of amazing travelling and is currently planning for next year trip.
The MGM Macau hotel, the Marriott Osaka, and the Encore Las Vegas are her favorite hotels till date.

Back in London! ?? (it feels weird to say and I’m still adjusting to this weather!) 6 months really flew by and it’s been the journey of a lifetime, hopefully not the last! • Thank you for the memories Japan, Hong Kong, Macau, Bali, Malaysia, Singapore, Bintan, Myanmar, Canada, USA & Thailand. Also thank you to all the amazing people who I’ve met along the way, people really do make a place. • I remember in 2014 when I started Catch52 someone asked me what I wanted out of my blog, and I answered that one day I wanted to make it 52 destinations in a year. Not sure how realistic that was as I’ve not been out for a year but in 6 months i made it to 32 places in 10 countries ?✌️to be continued…… #darlingescapes

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Hayley Vincent loves New Zealand due to the vast landscapes and mountain ranges. With hikes and walks on offer every day. Cambodia comes next with a diverse culture along crazy temples and is rich in the history.
Hayley is currently planning a Canada trip to view the beautiful landscapes.The Soenva Jani and Soneva fushi in the Maldives are two of the most incredible hotels according to her. They made her feel at home and bent over backwards to accommodate. The management thought about every detail and the food was amazing.

Elona loves Iceland and Cuba because she feels they are incredibly unique, with authentic and virtually untouched culture. Elona is planning to explore a few parts of Africa, the southern coast of Italy, and Sri Lanka in 2018.
Some of the blogger’s most favorite hotels in the world are the Ritz-Carlton in Bali, Ladera Resort in St.Lucia and the overwater bungalows in Jamaica’s South Coast.

Chiara is an aspiring lifestyle and travel blogger. Her favorite travel destinations are Bali and the Santorini
She has planned trips to Thailand, Morocco and the Maldives for the year 2018. The Goya in Ubud and the Chromata in Santorini are among the blogger’s most favorite resorts.

Today is a perfect day to start living your dreams✨

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Esmeralda is a Mexican travel enthusiast with a heart for tacos and Sunsets. Her 3 favorite destinations are Istanbul in Turkey, Greece, and Mexico, which is also her native country. She loves the Mexican culture and people. The country has some of the best beaches in the world. She started her trip to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic on December the 9th, 2017. The blogger particularity enjoys staying at boutique hotels as well as the luxurious ones. She recently stayed at “Casa Malca” un Tulum México and it was one of the most impressive places she has ever stayed at.


Caroline is a travel blogger, today she loves travelling just as much she did when she was a kid. She visited 200 plus places around the world. Her favourite destinations which she already visited are Cambodia with all the Angkor temples that are amazing. Also she was pleasantly surprised by Venice in Italy and the daily life on the canals. She further admitted that Marina Bay Sands in Singapore has a fantastic view of the city from the swimming pool. She believed that travelling around and exploring new places is one of the best things you can do for yourself and for this sake she is now planning the trips to Swiss Alpes in Saint-Moritz in December and Philippines in January.

Anika is a travel blogger and destination influencer. She is working as a cabin crew in Emirates Airlines. She loves exploring the natural beauty of a new place. From the Waiheke Island in New Zealand, to Cape Town and New York, but the natural beauty of the world never stops amazing her! In this wintery December she is again planning to go to the New York (pre Christmas), Seoul (soon) and Philippines in January. Her most favourite hotels around the world are from Dubai i.e. the one and only Royal Mirage Dubai and Fairmont the Palm Dubai.


Richa Fotedar is a travel blogger and a travel specialist. She admitted that she paired people with amazing travel experiences. She travelled so many places including Ice land, Mayanmar, Maldives and many more. Her favourite places include 1- Iceland – having travelled to Iceland twice now to witness the northern lights, she can safely say she would go back in a heartbeat because it’s breathtaking.2- Japan – witnessing the cherry blossom take over this magical country has got to be one of the most exciting experiences yet! Japan with its captivating technology, art, culture and history can blow any one’s mind. 3- Africa – Africa is home away from home, it’s a feeling, a state of mind, it’s the beginning of mankind and the Only place in the world she would go back annually. You’ll always leave a piece of your heart and carry a piece of it wherever you go. There’s nothing like Africa, nothing like the wild, nothing like the bushes. Now her next plan is to visit Kazakhstan, Soneva Jani Maldives, Ngrongoro crater lodge, Zambia and Africa.

Perrine is a 27 years old, Parisian girl based in China. She is passionate about fashion and travel, always looking for new adventures. She did her Masters in Luxury Management and Marketing. She had the chance to travel a lot and discover many countries, and travel is a part of her, it is a great passion, an obsession and a true way of life. She has travelled to many amazing places including China, Palawan, Philippines, Emirates, Hong Kong, Paris and many more. She really likes Mandarin Oriental hotel and resort in Sanya, China. Her own favourite destination is West America, especially Los Angeles.

Nam is a professional travel blogger. Looking at the pictures of a new place fills her with desire, but actually experiencing that same place – being able to see, smell, touch, and hear it – that fills her with serenity, wonder, and unparalleled joy. Nam has visited so many places and believes that it’s difficult to pick only few as favourites, but of course some places stand out among the others. Berlin would forever have a special place in her heart as it is the place that she fell in love with travel writing. It is a city that is rising out of its past like a phoenix from its ashes, with quirky neighborhoods, street arts, markets, and variety. Another one would be Verona, with its Roman architecture as well as being the setting of the greatest love story: Romeo and Juliet. She spent a month there as the secretary of Juliet and it remains one of her fondest memories. Last but not the least is Lake Bohinj and Lake Bled in Slovenia. She has not expected to like it so much but the nature there is stunning! The lakes, the mountains, the waterfall, it’s practically a living fairytale town. Now she is planning to visit Taipei in December, which is her last trip of 2017. For 2018, she is planning to visit Vietnam, too, but it’s hard to decide which part to see!

Have you ever seen 10 thousand Buddhas ?? Well, here are some of them!⠀ ⠀ I took my drone up for some shots ?today and this is the only photo that turned out well…⠀ ⠀ But the videos ?were good – you can see some in my ig story!?? ⠀ Seriously, my drone is like my new best friend who takes photos of me without complaints haha! I'm going to take it on some hikes ⛰soon!⠀ ⠀ You can see some polished videos on my facebook page, link in bio⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ #laughtraveleat #ladiesgoneglobal #thetravelwomen #femmetravel #girlsvsglobe #girlslovetravel #ladiesgoneglobal #wearetravelladies #girlsgoneglobal #wildernessbabel #beautifuldestination #femaletravelbloggers

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Sophie is a 22-year old, bubbly Aussie that just wants to live the brightest, lightest and most colourful life possible. After graduating with a Bachelors in Photography in 2016, she created ‘Adventures of Soph’ to combine her creative flair of photography and writing with her longing desire to see the world. She aims to inspire, encourage and share all that she experiences in this beautiful world that according to her we are lucky enough to live in. She is currently exploring Australia, as of now a total of 30 countries and counting. According to her life is full of colours and happiness and we should travel to see all the colours. Her favourite destinations includes Slovenia, Slovenia captured all of her senses and definitely filled a gap in her heart. Next she is planning on running a marathon in Norway in June next year.Favourite accommodation: Hands down Back of Beyond – Dehigaha Ela in Sri Lanka. It was so hidden away from civilisation, which she loved. The best thing about it was that she finally got to stay in an authentic treehouse! she said.

Lorena Alvarez is a travel and lifestyle influencer along with being a fashion ambassador. Travel means the world to her. She has travelled to 30 countries (5 continents). Her favourite so far has been Ecuador; it is such an amazing country that only a few people know. It is so unique because in such a small country you can find all different landscapes; beaches, coast, islands, mountains, cities, volcanoes, jungle. It was so special to spend some days in the Amazonian forest with some native people who were teaching her about nature and survival. She also had some Ecuadorian friends who were showing her the country and their customs. The other favourite destinations include Zanzibar and Kenya. She is planning to visit Bulgaria in December to make this winter more amazing.

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Matt’s full name is Matthew Karsten. He is an Adventure Traveler blogger and a photographer. He loves to explore this beautiful world. He has been exploring the world for seven years. He is currently exploring Tanzania. He wants everyone to be inspired and motivated to live a life full of adventure.

Liz Carlson is a Young Adventuress along with travel agent. She is an American, currently based in New Zealand. She loves to explore nature. Now she is planning to explore New Zealand in March 2018, she has plans to travel from Auckland down to Queenstown on a new and fancier tour exploring the best of both islands. She always looks for ways to honor and respect cultural traditions and process of different places.

Dave and Deb are one of the top ten travel influencers of 2017. They are also the winner of the best travel blog. They have visited 105 countries- 7 continents together. They have started the Planet D with the hope of influencing people to step out of their comfort zone and realize their strengths. That is what travel has done for them. They live with a motto “Adventure is for Everyone.”

Kiki is a travel blogger and photographer. She loves to travel and take photos. She is currently exploring Europe. She believes that world is filled with loving, caring, interesting, inspiring and wonderful people. She loved that she was always greeted with love, warmth and care wherever she visited.

LAUREN BULLEN is a travel blogger and a travel accessories seller. She has travelled to many places, and currently, she is exploring Istanbul. She travels on the grounds that there is nothing superior to anything seeing new sights and investigating new places. She has always wanted to see much of this world as could reasonably be expected since she was a youngster and she needs to urge others to do likewise. She wants to discover all the beauties in this world. Here is a picture from her visit to Nahargarh fort in Rajasthan India

That time we hung out up above Jaipur ?

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Chris Burkard is an accomplished explorer, photographer, author, director and a speaker. He is a great influencer. He has got so many awards for his work. He loves to travel new places. He wants to have each and every experience that exists in this world. He has been traveling throughout the year to track the farthest expanses of Earth. Burkard works to capture stories that inspire humans to consider their relationship with nature while promoting the preservation of wild places everywhere.


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