Taj Baghvan, Pench National Park

Roam the jungle in search of tigers and other elusive animals. Dominated by hills, forests and valleys, the 292-square-mile (757 sq km) Pench National Park derives its name from the meandering Pench River and is one of India’s richest, yet lesser-known parks. A typical Central Indian teak jungle, the park features hilly terrain and several jungle streams ; and supports a rich variety of wildlife. It is no wonder that the park inspired Rudyard Kipling’s enduring classic Jungle Book.

The charming Baghvan lodge, a Taj Safari Lodge has  12 quaint standalone suites as well as a spacious sitting room. Each charming individual suite has a contemporary bungalow feel designed in a  50s ambience, and features stairs leading up to a covered jungle rooftop platform or ‘machan’. The guest area is equipped with a swimming pool overlooking the ‘nullah’ ( stream ) , shaded decks, interactive kitchen, library and a Safari Shop.

A five-minute drive from Pench National Park, the luxury safari lodge is close to key airports—Nagpur (56 miles, 90 km) and Jabalpur (119 miles, 192 km)—and is 205 miles (330 km) away from Bandhavgarh National Park.

Trained naturalists from &Beyond will be your guides and friends in the jungles as they accompany your family on  nature tours and jungle safaris, in specially modified Tata open 4×4 vehicles. Their sharply honed skills at spotting wildlife and revealing the park’s secrets ensure you have an intimate and meaningful interaction with nature. Children have a particularly memorable vacation recreating the adventures of Mowgli of Jungle Book fame!

Start your day with a sumptuous breakfast on your private verandah or in your suite. Experience picnics at Khoka Lake and lunches by the pool. Savour dinner on a shaded deck overlooking the ‘nullah’ and enjoy sunset cocktails under the shade of a tree, while being entertained by a giant acrobatic squirrel.

Visit Pachdhaar village and marvel at the gorgeous local pottery. Explore a nearby fruit-bat nesting site. Discover incredible Indian flora and fauna through exciting safaris twice a day— the adventurous  can even opt to explore the jungle on elephant back! Experience a foot safari in the ‘nullah’, follow fresh tiger pugmarks and enjoy bird-watching from the pool deck.

Experience the wild with the unobtrusive luxury of a Taj hotel.

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